Flinging Spring

Got to play the WSSL stage at Spartanburg’s Spring Fling this year with The Social Contracts. If you haven’t heard TSC yet, make sure to check out the self-titled album from this past year. The city of Spartanburg was, of course, a gracious host and really knows how to put on a polished street fair. Our one-hour set: Mama Tried Sugaree Night Speaks to a Woman Dumb and Defeated A Woman Come and Gone Check out one of my favorites from the album: »

Lights, Camera, Cure

This all started with an unassuming deal. I’d “take care of myself,” and Mom would do everything in her power to move the needle closer to a cure. Neither of us had the foresight to even begin wrapping our minds around what that would come to mean in these first twenty years. We just knew we had an arrangement. So we shook on it. We used our hands to bind it. »

The Light Bulb Limiter

In today’s episode, Dave gets struck by enLIGHTenment. Sound, like light, is energy. We hear and feel sound in waves, vibrations that move through the air, the wall, the floor. If you’ve ever pulled up to a stop light and heard some super-loud jams, you have the idea. So music moves us: not just emotionally, but physically. To me, that duplicitous sensory experience is just one of the things that makes it awesome. »

Proud to Be

Human Being Human It is our privilege and burden to struggle toward understanding. As soon as we think we have it, we find holes in the bottoms of its pockets and we go further looking for the key we are sure was just there. Scraping, scrounging. On Duval Street, there are candles rocking in the evening breeze: golden cat’s eyes twinkle and sway. There are colors draped and stretched tight to catch the last soft whispers of light before they’re gone over the rim of blue-green creation. »

A Question of Image

Like any other subculture, computering* attracts participants with some interesting personality quirks that can lend themselves to a certain degree of generalization. So many of us like to say we disapprove of stereotypes, and while they typically don’t do any favors for presupposition and blind judgement, they exist for a reason. For the last couple of years, I have worked to understand what feels like an obsession with image within this subculture. »